Monitoring Comprehension - Suggestions for Differentiation

"Those who are unable to write at all can still construct and share meaning by talking to someone about their thinking" (Strategies That Work, Kindle version Loc 2295).

I used a suggestion for differentiation in the section, Assessing What We've Taught, for monitoring comprehension. I have the Kindle version of the book, so it can be found on Loc 2295 or at 28%. I read the picture book Two Cool Coyotes by Jillian Lund during whole group. During the first read, I emphasized new vocabulary and comprehension in the story. On the second read, I asked higher order thinking questions. I read the book for the third time to a small group and planned for them to draw a picture of their favorite event in the story. I dictated their responses. As the students described their picture to me, the other students would chime in if they heard their peer mention something that was not in the book. I find this to be the easiest way for me to assess whether my Pre-k students are attentive and determine exactly what they remember from the story. Also, to motivate them to try not to scribble on the paper, I draw a picture with them.

In the student work below, Sam* is an English Language Learner.

*name has been cropped out to protect student privacy.

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