Teaching Comprehension Skills

Comprehension skills is one of my favorite areas to teach little ones. I wanted to share what I've recently taught based on strategies I have been reading about in the text, Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement 2nd Edition by Stephanie Harvey & Anne Goudvis.

I chose to teach a strategy from Chapter 7. This strategy dealt with using poetry to encourage students to make personal connections. I read, I Carry Your Heart With Me, a children's adaptation of E.E. Cummings poem. Before reading, I explained to the students that this would be a poem. The poem was about the bond between a mother and a child. I asked students to think about who they love or who carries their heart. Of course at this age most of them named family members, so I focused on requiring them to elaborate on their responses and say at least two sentences. I didn't want them to just say "I love my mommy". They had to tell me why, what does that family member do that's special, or how does that person make you feel. One student said he loved his mom because she protects him. The attached picture is the bulletin board I created with their responses (disclaimer: not my best board :-))

Thanks for reading!

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